NATS Swagatha Geetham
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America Telugu Sambaralu
America Telugu Sambaralu
New reduced Registration Rates: Single $100, Couple $160    Sambaralu programs without food: $40 per person, $20 per student.
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NATS Tax ID: 26-4194139
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  Registration   Number Total
Single Adult 100 / person
Single Adult without food 40 / person
Couple (Wife & Husband) 160 / couple
Children (age 7-17, free for 6 & under) 80 / person
Student * / Visitor ** / Senior Citizen *** 80 / person
Student without food 20 / person
CME 50 / person
July 4th EPCOT Party
(age 18 and over)
40 / person
Banquet [July 2nd]
(Donors: Add additional banquet tickets only)
50 / person
NATS Membership
(free for all donor categories)
Total Amount:
(Sum of all the amounts above)
* Student id required            ** copy of valid visa required             *** age 65 or over
Note: Registration includes admission to all Sambaralu programs (except CME) on July 3 and 4 at the Convention Center and lunch and dinner on July 3 and 4.

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